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Stainless Steel Beads - priced per ounce

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Product Description

 These beads won't clump, rust, or wear out.  They are 2-3 times the size of most beads on the market. The larger diameter tire beads won't clog air valves, are not effected by static cling, and will not break down. These are effective due to the ductile nature of stainless steel, which helps the beads keep their shape even after repeated collisions - unlike glass beads, which will breakdown into powder with time.

How they work?

  • The beads when added to the inside of the tire will distribute themselves throughout the tire during motion to counter act the heavy spots. 
  • Please see our video below for a demonstration of the principle behind this.


  • Readily disperse throughout tire during motion for consistent balance
  • Static-free and roll freely
  • Larger diameter tire beads won't clog air valves
  • eco-friendly
  • Reusable, super hard, durable, and eco-friendly
  • Install is a snap — just pour them into the tire during mounting
  • Won't rust, melt, clump, or break.
  • Can be used with nitrogen filled tires

Why not use glass beads instead?

  • Glass is a much softer material - it will break down and you'll have glass powder in your tires.  Powder becomes susceptible to moisture clumping as well as a potential hazard to your health when you change your tires.
  • Our beads are denser than glass - which means you need less of them inside the tire, this helps reduce tire wobbling due to excessive media especially for smaller tires.

Installation instructions

  • Just pour them in during mounting - its that easy!
  • You can't use these with a liquid sealer though, as they will not be able travel freely inside the tire.

Whats included

  • Beads only

Tire compatibility

Product Video

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