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Stainless Steel Tire Balancing Beads - 6 bags of 12 oz (72 total) + 6 FREE Filtered Cores and Caps

  • Includes 6 bags, 6 filtered cores, and 6 caps
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Product Description

  • Includes 6 bags of 12 oz each (72 oz total) + 6 FREE Filtered Cores + 4 FREE caps
  • These are premium internal tire stainless steel balancing beads. They won't clog air valves and are not effected by static cling
  • Reusable, super hard, durable, and eco-friendly - will not rust, clump, or melt
  • These are 2-3 times the size of most beads on the market. They are also denser than other beads so you don't need as much by volume.
  • When added to the inside of the tire the beads will automatically distribute themselves to counter act the heavy spots when the vehicle is in motion. This results in a very smooth ride as well as prolonged tire life.
  • There are many ways to install the beads. The easiest method is to just pour them in during mounting.
  • Please note, you can't use these with a liquid sealer, as they will not be able travel freely inside the tire.


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