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Tire Balancing Beads - 4 bags of 8 oz (32 total) fits 4 tires

  • Includes 4 bags of 8 ozs and an Installation kit, filtered cores, red caps
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Product Description

These are 4 bags of 8 ounces - 32 ounces total - of internal tire balancing beads.  They don't rust, melt, clump, or break.  They are super hard and perfectly round.  These will last for years!  These should be enough to fit 4 tires.  


For a limited time we are also including a FREE Applicator Kit, FREE filtered cores, and FREE red caps - get them while supplies last!


How they work?

  • The beads when added to the inside of the tire will distribute themselves throughout the tire during motion to counter act the heavy spots. 


  • Readily disperse throughout tire during motion for consistent balance
  • Static-free and roll freely
  • eco-friendly
  • Reusable, super hard, durable, and eco-friendly
  • Install is a snap — just pour them into the tire during mounting
  • Won't rust, melt, clump, or break.
  • Can be used with nitrogen filled tires

Why not use glass beads instead?

  • Glass is a much softer material - it will break down and you'll have glass powder in your tires.  Powder becomes susceptible to moisture clumping as well as a potential hazard to your health when you change your tires.
  • Our beads are denser than glass - which means you need less of them inside the tire, this helps reduce tire wobbling due to excessive media especially for smaller tires.

Installation instructions

  • Just pour them in during mounting - its that easy!
  • Have them installed at the shop or there are many youtube videos on how to add these ( ex. through the stem or even using a paper funnel). 
  • You can't use these with a liquid sealer though, as they will not be able travel freely inside the tire.

Whats included

  • Beads 
  • Applicator Kit - Including a Valve core removal Tool, an Applicator Bottle, and an Applicator Tube. 
  • 4 filtered cores
  • 4 red caps


  • The price is for 4 bags of 8 ounces of beads.
Tire compatibility 
  • Good rule of thumb is to figure 1 ounce per 10-12 lbs of tire weight

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