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Tyrebeads Motorcycle Tire Balancing Beads 3oz Kit

  • Kit contents:  Applicator bottle and tube; 1 oz bag; 2 oz bag; applicator kit; red caps; cores
  • Step 1: Cut the nozzle of the applicator bottle to the desired diameter.
  • Step 3:  Remove the valve core from the stem using the tool provided
  • Step 4:  Place the applicator tube over the valve stem
  • Step 4:  Place the applicator tube over the valve stem
  • Step 5:  Pour the beads from the bag into the applicator bottle
  • Step 6:  Use the applicator botte to pour the beads into the tire through the valve stem.
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Product Description

  • These are premium internal tire ceramic balancing beads. They are super hard and perfectly round.
  • They will not rust, melt, clump, or break.
  • They work great with tube type tires.
  • As pictured, this kit includes 1 oz and 2 oz bags, an applicator bottle and tube (fits over the the stem), and valve core removal tool.
  • Front Tire: 80 - 120 mm wide, use the 1 oz bag 
  • Rear Tire: 130 - 240 mm wide, use the 2 oz bag
  • Please take a look at our tire chart below for other tire sizes/types.


Tire Chart

Regular Tires (Metric)
Front tires Rear tires
Width (mm) Amount Width (mm) Amount
80 - 120 1 oz 130 - 240 2 oz
130 2 oz 250 - 360 3 oz
    Car Tires 3 oz
Off Road / Dual Purpose Tires
Front tires Rear tires
Width (mm) Amount Width (mm) Amount
80 - 120 2 oz 130 - 240 3 oz
For each rim lock add 1 oz. If 2 rim locks are opposite each other, no additional amount is required as they cancel each other out.
Metric / Alphanumeric* Chart - older M style tires
Front tires Rear tires
Metric Alphanumeric Amount Metric Alphanumeric Amount
80/90 MH90 1 oz 110/90 MN90 1 oz
90/90 MJ90 1 oz 120/80 MP85 1 oz
100/90 MM90 1 oz 120/90 MP85 1 oz
110/90 MN90 1 oz 130/90 MT90 2 oz
120/90 MR90 1 oz 140/90 MU90 2 oz
130/90 MT90 2 oz 150/80 MV85 2 oz
      150/90 MV85 2 oz
Metric:             Tire Width in mm / Aspect Ratio
Alphanumeric:  M is for motorcycle; H,J,M ... is the tire width; 90 is the aspect ratio.

            (*) - The alpha numeric system is the older method for tire sizing (see right chart above). Back then, tires didn't get much bigger than MV85, which corresponds to a 150mm width.  Newer tires larger than 150mm will only carry the metric sizing designation.

How they work?

  • The beads when added to the inside of the tire will distribute themselves throughout the tire during motion to counter act the heavy spots.



  • Never balance your tires again - save yourself $$$
  • Readily disperse throughout tire during motion for consistent balance
  • Static-free and roll freely
  • eco-friendly
  • Reusable, super hard, durable, and eco-friendly
  • Install is a snap — just pour them into the tire during mounting
  • Won't rust, melt, clump, or break.
  • Can be used with nitrogen filled tires


Why not use glass beads instead?

  • Glass is a much softer material - it will break down and you'll have glass powder in your tires.  Powder becomes susceptible to moisture clumping as well as a potential hazard to your health when you change your tires.
  • Our beads are denser than glass - which means you need less of them inside the tire, this helps reduce tire wobbling due to excessive media especially for smaller tires.


Installation instructions

  • Just pour them in during mounting - its that easy!
  • Alternatively, follow the photos above to cut the two bags.  Apply the 1 oz bag to the front tire using the applicator , similarly apply the 2 oz tube to the back tire.  Make sure to screw out the core from the stem while you are pouring in the beads - use the included valve core removal tool .
  • As you are pouring the beads into the applicator keep tapping the stem, this will help the beads go down easily.  Some folks even use an air compressor to blow the beads in.
  • Have them installed at the shop or there are many youtube videos on how to add these ( ex. through the stem or even using a paper funnel). 
  • You can't use these with a liquid sealer though, as they will not be able travel freely inside the tire.


Whats included

  • 1 oz and 2 oz bag, applicator bottle and tube (fits over the the stem), and valve core removal tool.  Please note, you need to provide your own scissors.



  • The price is for the beads, valve core tool, and the applicator bottle + tube.  If you would like to order just the beads please look at our other ebay listing.


Tire compatibility

  •  Good rule of thumb is to figure 1 ounce per 10-12 lbs of tire weight.

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